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smovey and Breast Cancer

“I  had back and neck surgery, which left muscle weakness. Once I started smovey, I started to regain muscle strength that I had been lacking especially in my upper body. Last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer, which again compromised my bone density due to medication. I was told I had to do weigh bearing exercise. smovey is fluid weigh bearing so it is easy on the joints. It also really benefit my range of movements and lymphatic system. I love it.”

Lynne, CT



Date with my wife

“Since my wife got sick with breast cancer a year ago I take a work day off a week to spend with her and do whatever she wants. smovey has become a positive part of it. I have enjoyed it as well. smovey is great for cardio, balance and rage of movements. I have also watched the other people in the room and they leave a lot happier then the way they came, in so it is also good for their attitude. “

Joe, CT

smovey and Rheumatoid Arthritis

“I took a practice class for smovey and I love it.

I wasn’t sure if I could do it because I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I realized after the first class that I felt better and I didn’t hurt like I thought I would. I had more energy, my balance had improved and I was able to move better and had more stamina.

The class has changed my life. I am now doing things I couldn’t do it before.

Jolanta is an excellent instructor and she makes the class a lot of fun. She makes it seem like a dance instead of an exercise and workout you get from her is great.”

Ben Zanievski

Bristol, CT


Smovey and balance

“I have not taken many fitness classes, because I have a severe balance problem brought on by a brain injury. I have been afraid of losing my balance and falling. When I saw that smovey can help improve balance I signed up,. My confidence and balance are significantly improved, as noted by my neurologist and myself in the recent visit. And it is so much fun. I fell exhilarated by it !


Jolanta is a  wonderful instructor. She tells you exactly what you will be doing and what the benefit will be. She watches the class carefully and very kindly and subtly adjusts a person if they are not working with smovey correctly. She is very good at cuing us to the next move. She plays grate music that really gets us going, and make a class grate fun with her smile. Enthusiasm and encouragement. She also seems to know instinctively when we need a brake.”

Barbara Belmont

West Hartford, CT

Every day aches and pains

I love smovey, I always fell better after class and I energized for the rest ofteh day . Has helped me wiet every day aches and pains. I like the way we go from intense to not so intense and back again. Love the "passive treatment", so relaxing.


West Hartford, CT



The program is excellent. It is one of my favorite, the trainer is very professional, kind and patients. I will continue as lonas program is available.


West Hartford, CT

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